Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let Sleeping Babies Lie ~ especially two-year-old babies

It has finally happened. Rhett has turned into a two-year-old. I was beginning to think that we had somehow outsmarted the tantrum gods because those famous Terrible Two's had yet to set up shop in the Kilgore house....... until a week ago when Rhett threw a fit beyond what I thought he was capable of and I immediately knew I was not as lucky as I had hoped.

Rhett was sent to his room last night during dinner because he refused to stop grunting angrily at us. I know - he's so vicious! After five minutes, we were surprised to hear complete silence coming from his corner of the house where an even bigger I'm-in-trouble-and-mad-about-it fit should've been taking place. I peeped in to check on him and found this =
Maybe the angry growling wasn't necessarily because he's two. Maybe he was just tired (this time)... Kerry scooped him up and put him in bed. We didn't hear from him again until seven o'clock the next morning.

And did you notice that sweet baby tooshie in the air? HOW do they sleep like that? I think it would hurt my back.

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