Monday, June 30, 2008

Favorite Rhett Pictures

Sweet reflection. Photo by Gramma. I treasure this picture because it's the exact expression I'd been trying to capture on film for a while. This is Rhett's "silly face" , and it just melts my heart.
Beautiful baby (and cute mohawk).

I love this picture because it shows Rhett's beautiful eyes. Photo by Gramma. This very newborn picture of Rhett brings back sweet memories of the day he was born. Photo by Aunt Kelly.
May be one of my favorites of all time!!! My sweet Mohawk Baby. Unfortunately, the mohawk has grown out, but I will always look at this picture and remember the precious first moments we held our new baby and admired what God had given us (and God's sense of humor... baby mohawks - so cute!!) Photo by Aunt Kelly.
Small - sorry. Rhett and Daddy having a "welcome to the world" talk. Photo by Aunt Kelly.


Sherry said...

I so enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

Kerry said...

we need more pics of Rhett!!

Ang's World said...

Amanda! How are you? I started my own blog

I saw yours off just messing around on the computer! I just was looking at people I knew and seeing who else I knew etc. Crazy!

It is so good to see you are doing so well! Cute family!

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