Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Had to Pinch Myself

I did something today that I would not have normally done with the boys. (btw: I love being able to say "the boys" as opposed to "the kids". It's more personal somehow...) I went to a really nice store with them in tow. Just how nice??? Harolds. (better known in Houston as Harold Powell) Why was I so very brave today of all days you ask? Well, three factors came into play: 1) both boys slept really late this morning which meant they were in extra good moods 2)Harolds was having a nice sale 3)I had gift cards to spend!!! So, as you can see, I HAD to go shopping. Have you ever gone shopping with boys?? The age does not matter; the famous saying is true: boys do not like to shop. It is somehow in their DNA. Even when I was pregnant with the boys they hated to shop. Even in the womb they knew they were not in their element which they proved by either filling my bladder so often that the shopping had to be cut short, or they made me feel hungry, tired or ill. Somehow today none of that come into play. The shopping gods were smiling down on me, and I am thankful.

The great news: not only did I get some incredible things, but the boys were PERFECT. I mean, how is it that they (especially Grant) are wild monkeys in the grocery store, but in Harolds they (especially Grant) act like angels? Grant played in my dressing room with some cars most of the time. He spent some time going around the store with me and giving me his opinion on things: "No, Mamma, I think that just looks too big." So sweet of him to say, especially since it was a size 4, or, "Yes, Mamma, I really like that," or, "Mamma! Look at these really cool red shoes I found for wu (you)!" Rhett spent most of the time in the stroller chowing down on Goldfish or in the dressing room playing cars with Grant on the bench that was supposed to be for my clothes but ended up being the "racetrack".

When we left, I actually had to pinch myself to make sure I was awake and it was not a heavenly dream! My fear of us being kicked out of Harolds did not occur! WOW! This type of good luck just doesn't come around to my side of the earth very often.