Thursday, July 3, 2008

Boys and their toys

Here's a conversation Grant and I had tonight after dinner:

Grant: Momma, me and Da-tee are going to go get some tools!! (very excited, loud voice)
Me: Tools? Why??? (We have no need for more tools. We build and fix nothing. The most high-tech it gets at our house is the changing of light bulbs and batteries.)
Grant: Because Da-tee said we could get some.

I go to Kerry =
Me: Kerry, don't go overboard with the tools. Just get a few.
Kerry: Okay (he says in an assuring way as he closes the front door behind him)

This is what they came home with...
Would anyone else agree that this is the exact definition of "overboard"???


A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

Are you sure you don't live at my house. Our phrase around here is that we "need" it... Hmmm