Thursday, June 12, 2008

No shame in shakin' your thang!

So, I knew my boys had soul and rhythm, but I had no idea it could go to this level! Mine and Kerry's favorite part is towards the end when Rhett get so excited and out of control that he begins to bob up and down furiously with excitement. The small crowd that had gathered to watch the "interpretive dancing" enjoyed the show as well. You will not be surprised to know that the boys enjoy going into Grant's room and playing U2 on Grant's new stereo where they dance like fools.

I think I could have posted more than one video per blog, but that seemed to take too long. Guess I should add that to my list of "blog lessons".


Alyson said...

Oh my gosh! I am so excited to have you as a fellow blogger. It feels like forever since I have seen or heard from you guys. Donna doesn't blog...I haven't convinced her to do it just yet. Things are crazy insane. I am pregnant in the summer!!! Hot and fat. We are excited about a baby boy. Yes, a girl would have been a blast, but I know how excited my husband is! We haven't come to an agreement on names yet. Still working on that one. So your parents are still here? I did see Blake and Shawna one day at church and talked with them for a few minutes. I haven't seen them back. I figured our church might be a little too conservative...we don't even have a praise team. Email me and I'll give you Donna's information. Just email to my blog name I have a couple of email addresses, but that's the easiest. Your boys are the dancing. Hmm, wonder if they will be performers? I have a feeling mine will be bombarded with fishing poles and ammunition at birth! We'll see what God has in store for us. Donna doesn't know yet what she is having. She probably didn't want me to announce it either, but I was way too excited. She's due 2 months to the day after me! YEah. Talk to you soon.

Terry said...

Isn't this the same kind of behavior we used to talk about in the kids at school...wild with no suupervision.........Love your blog.....see ya at Angie's someday. T

Jordan said...

Ha Ha! That was great...but I just can't figure out where the boys got it. :)