Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back from vacation part 4

Eating on the balcony with Da-tee.
Rhett had already had dinner and refused food. However, when the rest of us began to eat, it was not a surprise to us that he began to make his away around the table getting food from everyone.
Grant (in the red shirt) and some random kids playing tag.
Grant is more than a social butterfly; he's a social maniac. I love how he enjoys playing with other kids no matter if he knows them from Adam or not, no matter their ages - Grant is sure to join the party.
Da-tee and Grant on their way to go crab hunting at dusk.
(Kerry is in the white hat, and Grant is in the red shirt.)

Aunt Jessica and Uncle Josh.

This has nothing to do with beach or vacation, but since it was so cute and it occurred during vacation, I had to include it. He was so serious about brushing his hair. He even forgot about his food and milk for a while in order to look good for the ladies.