Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back from vacation part 6

Okay, for those of you "experienced bloggers" out there - no laughing. I am sure there is a better and easier way to post many pictures at one time - a slideshow perhaps... I think that should be my next project.
Grant and Pops fishing. Grant had planned on going fishing and for sure catching something
with his beloved Superman fishing pole. Oh, and everyone knows that the perfect fishing snack is... wait for it... Gummy Bears.

Grant caught over 12 fish. Every time his pole hit the water, he got a bite. Granted, they were little bites (can you see the perch in Pops' hand???), but they were the perfect size for Grant and his Superman pole. (although he is much more into Spider Man. By the way, is Superman and Spiderman one word, or two???)
This little, or rather huge fella, we lovingly named Pelican Pete. He kept a close watch on our every move hoping we would get clumsy and leave some bait or fish around for him to swoop down on.
Yet another fish for Grant.
(look for the small silver thing towards the bottom left)