Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What To Do With All of This Time (and heat)???

Since some friends and acquaintances of mine are starting to blog about their summer plans, (Kate = http://www.katya0026.blogspot.com/, Jordan = http://www.themccallfamilytx.blogspot.com/ and the person who started the whole idea, Lynley - have no idea who she is. I think she went to ACU. I believe she is friends with Kate and Jordan = http://www.savethephillipsfamily.blogspot.com/ = see "Saving Summer Carnival") I thought I would go ahead and join in on the planning. I openly admit that the summers always seem so long and boring to me. I like to be busy, busy, busy, and I don't know what to do with myself when I have down time. By 2:00 each day, I am ready to rip my hair out from boredom. I am one of those rare oddballs that dislikes the lazy days of summer. My boys like to stay active as well, so sitting around all summer is NOT an option for any of us.

Planned Summer Fun Activities

1. swim lessons at Houston Swim Club

2. VBS (Kerry and I have lead roles in the musical this year)

3. Gymboree music and play classes

4. getting together every-other-week with Grant's Southminster school buddies

5. I've been thinking about signing Grant up for music lessons - I truly believe that the arts help stimulate the mind - the earlier the better!!

6. I've also been thinking about signing Grant up for gymnastics... He really enjoyed "Kid Fit" after school on Tuesdays

7. ten day visit to Mimi and Pops' house while I am in Europe (we'll certainly visit them on and off throughout the summer). I am sure this will include trips to Aunt Jessica's house.

8. lake visits to see Grama and Dude-Dad

9. Our community, New Territory, has summer day camps at the club for ages 4 - 12. I think Grant may really like some of them: Survivor Camp, Petite Painter's Palette, Kooky Cooking, Zoorific Camp, Super Gross, Basketball Camp, and Tennis Camp

10. Grant and I will be working on recognizing all of the alphabet as well as being able to recall the sounds each letter makes

11. This probably will not be considered "fun", but one of my goals this summer is to get Grant started on a G rated chore list. Chores would include: making his bed, putting dirty laundry in its proper place, bringing plate to sink, bringing in the trash cans...

12. enjoying open gym time at Bounce U

13. taking part in the Miller Outdoor Theater: "instrument petting zoo" (Grant would LOVE this) and then a "musical magic show"

14. seeing movies at Sugar Land Town Square's "Movies Under the Moon". We bring our own lawn chairs and blankets.

15. Can't forget Chick-fil-A's Toddler Time

16. visits to the Spray Park and pools here in New Territory

17. visit the Kemah Boardwalk

18. visit the Downtown Aquarium

19. visit the Children's Museum

20. Do I dare visit the zoo in this heat??

21. One thing we will NOT be doing is attending any library story times. Grant gets so annoyed at all of the kids making noise which prevents him from hearing the story. (Such a fuddy-dud. I hope he doesn't get beat up for such things later in life.) He will actually get up and travel around the room telling others to be quiet while I have to practically hold Rhett down to keep him from roaming the open space. Let's just say Mommy needs a margarita after the library's Story Times...

22. Playing with close friends: Gabby, Walker, Stephen, cousin Jackson and Grant's "Cul-de-sac Kids".

23. attending matinee movies for kids

24. I can't believe we have not yet been to the Methodist Church (off of Westchase) outreach pool: Noah's Ark. I hear great things about it! Hopefully we can visit it this summer. (pictured at top)

I'll keep thinking, but I hope you got some ideas for your little ones. :)


kate m. said...

I want to go to the Noah's Ark pool with you! That looks like fun! When Jackson and I brave the zoo in the summer heat, we really go immediately to the children's zoo and get into the spray water park, then we get an Icee and look at some animals (not necessarily all of the animals). Oh, and you should add to your list: pack up the boys for an overnight trip to visit Boone and Kate and go to the beach. : ) Also, let us know when you go to Kemah. We always like going there!

Phillips Family said...

Thanks for participating in my carnival!

The Noah's Ark playarea is awesome...what a great idea for a church to use as an outreach ministry!

Sounds like you have a great summer planned for you and your boys...Enjoy!
(By the way, my husband and I both attended ACU and graduated in '98 and '99 respectively)

Jordan said...

It was great to catch up with you via your blog! I am officially jealous of all the offerings of your big city...Amarillo just doesn't have much. It sounds like you've got a lot to do!