Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Love My Da-tee

No, we were not dreaming. We actually got to see Kerry before bed time tonight! Second time since the end of May. While Grant was out playing with his "Cul-de-sac Kids", Kerry and Rhett got in some rough-housing time. Rhett LOVES receiving this kind of attention from Kerry, and I know Kerry loves giving it to him.

"Don't get me, Da-tee!"

"I love playing our tickle game, Da-tee!!"

Playing "Pat-a-Cake" with Da-tee. Here they are at the "Roll 'em up and roll 'em up..." part of the nursery rhyme (Rhett's favorite part). He tries to "roll 'em", but it looks more like a sloppy, slippery clap. Soooooo cute though!

After this, Kerry and Rhett went for a walk in the wagon. Rhett was so excited he let out a few horridly loud banchie screams.