Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Signs that your pet gerbil might be dead:

Grant: Momma, I picked up Rolie, and he acted funny.
Me: What do you mean?
Grant: Well, he just laid in my hands and his mouth was open and he would not close it and he would not even move.
Me: Oh, no! Let me see him.................(I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to find, and I am feeling a little nervous since I've never had to deal with a dead animal in my house before)....................... Yes, honey, I am sorry, but Rolie is dead. (Rolie was actually as stiff as a nail. Not sure how that happened so quickly since we had played with him just a few hours prior to his sudden death.)
Grant: (in a disappointed voice)I guess we will have to bury him up. (I'm not quite sure how to bury something "up"...)

And how much of a dork am I? I am a little sad that sweet Rolie is gone. What an innocent and short little life he lived, and even in his insignificance to the world, he meant so much to Grant and Rhett. It just reminds me how precious and delicate life is. I know, I know - I'm being too emotional about this. I just for sorry for the little fella. I hope he is happy in gerbil heaven. What am I going to do when our dog dies? I think I'll cry a river!


Rachel said...

You're funny.

Sorry about Rolie...we pet-sat gerbils one time. That was enough for me! And the dog is SO not mine. It's Bret's. I guess I'm not much of a pet person, am I?

carrie said...

Your stories are so entertaining. I can picture you talking as I am reading them. My kids do look a lot alike! Sometimes Mike and I look at pictures of them, and we can't tell which one is which! Then we remember that Scarlett was bald until she was two, and Owen is 1 1/2 and Has had 3 haircuts already. Sometimes looking at the hair is the only way we can tell the difference in pictures. We do need a vacation, and we are going to get one in May. We are going to California to get a dog from Mike's parents. Oh and I love the video of your boys in the kitchen "the anatomy lesson". Oh and I love all of the naked pictures of Rhett! Mike and I were just discussing the fact that boys think it is hilarious to run around naked! When Owen gets out of the bath, we put a towel around him, and he promtly flings his arms open to get the towel off of him, and runs frantically through the house. And then when the wind hits his little nuggets, he pees on the floor and laughs. Scarlett would never do such a thing!