Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grant Was a Singing Weed

Tonight was Cornerstone's (Grant's preschool) spring performance. The girls were flowers, and the boys were weeds. I was a bit offended by this at first because I didn't like the stereotyping that seemed to be going on, but it was actually done rather well, and although the boys were weeds, they were tough and mean weeds - and I liked that. I was imagining that the weeds would be in the way and cause and trouble since that is what weeds do, right? Thankfully the imagery in my head did not occur.

Anyways, this was Grant's second year to be in a preschool production. And let me just tell ya - he's pretty shy on stage. This totally took Kerry and me off guard as we, well - we perform a lot (and Kerry was a Sing Song Host for that matter!!!) and we never imagined one of our kids would be less than vibrant on stage. We were wrong. Sure - there is still time for him to come out of his shell, but in the meantime, we get a kick out of this surprising character trait exhibits.

This year the child actually did some of the movements and sang some. This is QUITE a change from last year's performance where he just stood there and looked like a clueless bump on a log - like he was the new kid and had not attended any rehearsals and had no idea what to do. (Yes, we thought that was funny as well.) So needless to say, Kerry and I enjoyed watching him emerge out of his little performing shell, if you will, tonight. He seemed more at ease on stage, and I know I saw some smiles here and there on his sweet face.

I discovered tonight that I was one of "those" parents. You know - the obnoxious kind that wave to their kids on stage like they would if they were stranded out at sea and were trying to signal a rescue boat for help?... Well, that's me. Most of it can be explained by the fact that Grant was up on the stage looking for us, so of course I HAD to wave. But then I realized I was doing more than waving: I looked like I was performing "Hanging Tough" by New Kids on the Block. (remember that arm wave thing they did to that song???) Upon that thought, I decided to take it down a few notches.

Rhett awaiting Bubba's performance. What a nut!

Rhett and Dada = Best Buds

Grant the Weed

This weed does not like loud clapping.


Sarah said...

So very cute...I still don't know that I like the "weed" idea...who's idea was that anyway??? But, you've got two surefire cuties there! I cannot imagine your child shy in the slightest...maybe he'll grow out of it...either that or you're going to TOTALLY embaress him later in life! HA!

Sherry said...

You had me laughing so hard I was cyring. Hilarious! By the way, Kerry was shy too - don't let him fool you.

Andrea said...

I have really been enjoying your posts. Grant is so cute as the little "weed," which btw, I think is too funny the boys were weeds and the girls got to be beautiful flowers. Ha! I must say he is really growing up. Kindergarten is just around the corner...I think he still has time to refine his dramtic skills for Sing Song

Jess said...

that is precious and adorable and i loved watching it.
p.s.that picture of rhett looks nothing like him.