Friday, February 6, 2009

My New Hobby

I have a new hobby. I feel totally PUMPED about it. It gives me the same excited feeling I get when I sit at my sewing/embroidery machine to start a new project. What a RUSH! You'll never guess what it is.......wait for it........ wait for it....... that's right: visiting resale shops! Ta Da!! It all started because of this girl who teaches at Logos with me. She looks like a million bucks all of the time. She is constantly wearing the CUTEST most one-of-a-kind outfits that I had to ask her where she shopped. She commenced to tell me that she does most of her shopping at local resale shops. As if that was not exciting enough, she then started spouting off info about the outfit she was wearing at that moment, "I got this for two dollars. I got these (the absolute MOST precious jeans you've EVER seen - they had flowers going all the way down the sides) for twelve bucks. They were too long, so I cut them off." And let me tell ya, they looked so spunky with their frayed edges. Get this: the next time I saw her she was wearing this gorgeous cream colored knee-length jacket with red flowers embroidered on it. (I'm NOT doing it justice, sorry. You're just going to have to trust me on this.) I knew she for sure had to have spent a good $100 something bucks on it. Nope. She said she got it at a resale shop here in Sugar Land for $12. That was it - I was sold. A few days later the weekend arrived, and I hopped into my car and visited one of her top favorite resale shops. I had a BLAST! Look what I purchased:

Aren't these shoes to die for??!!! What could be better? They are pink and have bows. Wow! The best part... $5. And, no Shaye, you can't have them. :)

This is a fun cotton long-sleeved shirt. It has an empire waist and sweet crocheting at the top. $7

Last but certainly not least, my new sunglasses! Now this is a big deal because I am one of those obnoxious people who loses their sunglasses every few weeks. I do not spend bookoos on sunglasses for this very reason, so what a perfect item to buy at a resale shop! Am I right?? And what's not to love? They are red (hello - my FAVORITE color), and I love the tattoo inspired art on the sides. I am in love with them. But the best part of all is that I won't have to feel badly when they disappear in a month or so. They were only $5.

I really hope I didn't get taken advantage of... this was my first time, so I'm not totally sure if I got good deals or not. Well, nonetheless, I had a great time and spent very little money. My next stop is going to be Pitter Patter; a resale shop for kids. Oh, I can't wait to find the treasures that are awaiting me. I don't mind digging through piles and sneezing in order to find something great. Wish me luck.


Kandy said...

Hey I shop at Pitter Patter for the boys- I mainly get Polo shirts there for them. I think their a little over priced on other things. Like winter coats-- I looked there for the boys, but thought they were asking way to much. I heard there is really good one on Westhimer- Crayons- i think? Anyway - I like shopping resale too- I even have some of our stuff at Pitter Patter to sale.

Heather said...

Super cute glasses! There's nothing like getting a good deal!!