Thursday, July 31, 2008

Splish! Splash! Saving Summer Carnival Event

The boys and I had the best time this morning as it was our first visit to the Noah's Ark pool here in Houston (Sam Houston Tollway and Westpark Dr). The pool is an outreach/ministry project for the Westpark First Methodist Church, so the pool is located on their property. It was a very nice experience. The boys enjoyed the other sweet children that were there. Grant and Rhett also enjoyed the tunnel going through the ark, the slides, and lots of spraying water! It was one of those outings I had to D-R-A-G the kids away from. We will certainly be going back, so don't be sad, cousin Jackson. We can't wait to go again with you!

Noah's Ark pool

Why swim when you can suck on the hand rail?

What's in your mouth, Mr. Whale?

What's her name? She's cute!

Grant's splash landing off of his favorite slide.

Grant coming out of the tunnel.

I love this water!

Grant climbing up the ark.

Do you know what else is fun besides swimming and licking the hand rail? Getting in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out of the pool!

Grant wanted me to take a video of him going down his favorite slide...


carrie said...

hey! i found you! i have often wondered if you had a blog and what do you do. i love it i will make it a new read. our blog is so now you can check us out too.i love all of the pics of your boys and jessica told me about your europe pics and i love them too.