Thursday, July 31, 2008

A crazy night before bedtime

I've been trying to a take a few videos of Rhett doing things I want to remember "forever", but one of two things always happens when the camera is turned to the on position: 1. Like all children, he won't perform "on cue", or 2. Grant gets in the way - it's true. I know you're surprised.

I managed to get two rough, very rough, videos tonight.

Rhett has begun to "sing". Soooooooooooo cute. It's more like a hum where all the words are "Bluh, bluh, bluh," but you can still pick out the tune. *Side note: Daddy will not be happy to see Grant in his underwear (just got out of bath - almost bedtime), but hey - at least he has some type of clothes on... Am I right???

Rhett singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and then ignoring me. Typical guy. ha ha I think I will hide his pacifier the next time I try to video him... You can tell that by the end of the video Grant is becoming impatient with Rhett not wanting to perform. You can tell that I then become annoyed at Grant. Shocking.

Isn't it so cute when little ones copy you and have no idea what they're saying? For months now, Rhett has been saying, "Golly, golly, golly!" when we say it. Something about that cute little tongue stumbling around in his mouth trying to get this word out is too precious; I had to get a video of it. Although this is not the best shot, you get a small glimpse at his cute trick.

I was thinking of entitling this video either, "Golly!" - or - "I'm Ready for My Close-Up", or maybe even "Nice Teeth!". I'm not sure what Grant is doing in the background - your guess is as good as mine. The possibilities are endless when one is in their make-shift pajamas, underwear and holding a glass of water, and one's name is "Grant".


Rachel said...

Funny, funny. It is SO hard to get kiddos to do the tricks for the camera. I, too, feel just a little guilty when I put up a picture of kids in their underwear. But, I like you figure, "Hey, they ARE covered, and they ARE little boys, are they not?" The truth is, mine actually spend quite a bit of time running around in their underwear...such is the life of a little boy living in a house full of boys!

Alyson said...

So cute. So I guess Grant likes the camera more than Rhett? Are they going to be performers? Hmmm???