Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Sixth Mother's Day...

...was special. Every day with my kids is special (well, almost every day). I felt very loved and appreciated, so thank you to my sweet boys!!!!! I was showered with gifts from both of them.

Grant made these at school for me...
a picture of him holding flowers

and a card (that truly cracks me up)!!!

Since you can't read it, allow me... "I love you when you take me to Mexico to see my great-great-grandfather."

I have just laughed and laughed over his words for three reasons. 1) I took him to NEW Mexico. Not Mexico. 2) While there, he saw his great-grandfather. Not his great-great-grandfather.
3) I only took him once ~ had no idea it meant so much to him. It's funny he picked this, out of all the other things I do for him, to put on my card. What a nut. Yet it still doesn't top the year Gabby said, "My mommy is almost pretty."
******And as you might have imagined, Mom and Aunt Jessica, there are drawings of wind turbines all over it.

Grant also gave me a store-bought card, and I gotta say, I laughed OUT LOUD at this one! Really loud!



And that, dear readers, quite simply sums up what life with
Grant is really like!!!!!!

Rhett made several things at school, too, but I've put my favorite below - what a ham!!! And you just won't believe how proud he is of this paper!!!!! He loves to tell anyone who will listen that that is a picture of HIM, and that is also HIS hand print (which he will then prove by placing his stubby little right hand on top of it - in case you were doubting his sincerity).

I also received an iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know - I'm getting into the ballgame quite late, but hey - - - - what did you expect?

The Mother's Day celebrations don't end there! Grant lost his first tooth the night before! So what if I cried a little?
He thought just 'some' of it came out (because it was so small), but was extra excited to learn that the whole thing had actually come out, and that baby teeth really are that tiny!

This event, of course, meant that the Tooth Fairy would be visiting our house for the first time. Man, oh, man! She came, alright!!!!!!! This morning, Grant HAPPILY awoke to this beneath his pillow...

Yip - it seems we had TWO Tooth Fairies visit us last night. One of them left what she thought was a very sizable gift of $3 since the first tooth is worth extra, ya know? Imagine her surprise the following morning when she learned that her partner had also visited Grant that night and left a WHOPPING $10!!!!!!!! So in case you didn't add that up already, Grant got $13 from the Tooth FairIES last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you spell r.i.d.o.n.c.u.l.o.u.s??? I think the tooth fairies that are assigned to our house will have to communicate better, huh?

Mother's Day ended in its own special way. I sat down to do some quiet sewing as I was trying to complete some orders...

... and Rhett came in. He's always talking and singing and chanting, so I'm pretty used to tuning out the background noise that follows him. This time, for whatever reason, I was lucky enough to look up and get to watch this. What a sweet and silly boy! He was so content playing with my fabrics and talking to my thread. I stored the moment up in my heart as I know one day too soon he won't do this kind of stuff anymore, and I'll miss it terribly.
Hmmmmm. Now that I think about it, this is my favorite Mother's Day gift from Rhett. The picture and the hand print and the finger flowers he made were just as precious as can be, but this sweet moment - - - priceless!
Happy Mother's Day to all you rockin' mommas out there! I hope you felt loved and appreciated on this, your special day!

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A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

Brian and I DIED laughing at what Grant got from the tooth fairies.... it SO sounds like something we would do. :)
BTW, do you LOVE your iphone? It is awesome and you will wonder what you did before it came along!
Happy Mother's Day!

Andrea said...

Your boys are just too adorable! I love all their sweet Mother's Day presents. Thanks for including the tidbit about Gabby calling me almost pretty. I almost forgot! He He. I know what you mean about those quiet moments. What a time to treasure! Wow, your tooth fairy is a generous one! And, I'm quite jealous of your Iphone. You are not the only one who hasn't got one yet! P.S: I love your sewing projects! My sewing machine has really been collecting dust!

Kory Kilgore said...

I hate to be that guy, but wasn't this actually your 7th Mothers Day. Grant was born in 2004 right? '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10.

With a $13 tooth fairy gift, Grant might start pulling his teeth out ready or not.

Rachel said...

Glad you had a great day! LOVE the cards...and the tooth fairy! :) Happy Mother's Day to you!