Sunday, April 4, 2010

Biker Boy and His Shadow

Grant ran into the house last Tuesday exclaiming he had taught himself how to ride his bike w/o training wheels. I really didn't think he quite knew what he was saying and what it means to really ride your bike w/o training wheels, but his confidence sparked my interest, so I followed him outside for the demonstration he was so excited about.

And what do you know, he really did teach himself - in one day - less than one day! I think it took him just a few tries, and he had it. Whew! I was starting to think I was going to have to be the one to teach him, and frankly I didn't think that running alongside a six-year-old on a bike over and over and over again would be very fun. You can watch a video of him showing off and almost running me over here.

He was just sure that I would let him ride his bike to school like the other kids in the neighborhood. (Notice the backpack.) But, sadly, he was wrong. I just don't feel like he's old enough or has had enough experience on a bike to be able to go it alone. No, this did not go over well, but I'm Mom, and Mom makes the rules.

Of course Grant's shadow had to partake in the events of the moment, so he grabbed his "bike" (yes, it's a scooter), and showed off his moves which you can watch here.

Even Breena, our sweet neighbor, joined in on the fun. Boy howdy, I tell ya, these two do everything together! Between her sweet curly hair and his spiked do, they really turn heads.

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Kory Kilgore said...

Good for Grant! Although my favorite part is where he runs into you at the end. He's not quite ready for the drive by wave yet apparently.

Sherry said...

Oh, the places they will go. Say "good-bye" Momma.