Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Blues

The good news = Grant is better.
The bad news = Rhett started throwing up at 2 this morning.

Never fear, I have already bleached and Lysoled and cleaned and mopped and sprayed the house down. Ain't no way germs will win this time. I have also already done two loads of what I have affectionately named Vomit Laundry, Rhett has had a bath and I, too, have showered. All of this done by 1 p.m!!!

I could really use a nap!

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A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

I'm sorry you have another sick kiddo! I hope Rhett is better soon and that you can get some rest!

Becky said...

So sorry! That was us last week, we all got it around the same time. It was not fun. If didn't get a nap in, I hope you get a great nights sleep!

Rachel said...

Yuck! Hang in there Mom, and keep those Clorox wipes close by! Hope you guys get well soon!