Monday, January 18, 2010


The Martin tradition of the grandfather buying boots and hats for the grandkids continues. Grant and Rhett and my dad took a trip to the boot store in Granbury over Christmas, and the boys truly surprised me. Not only did they want cowboy boots, but they were TOTALLY pumped about them!

Who knew boots could be so colorful? Call me a Texas dork, but I sure didn't.

How are we EVER going to choose which boots we love the best?

Rhett decided on a blue pair and was quite pleased with his choice.

Of course Grant chose a green pair and thought he was pretty cool. I hear you chose the same pair, Reed. Ah, yes. Great kindergarten minds DO think alike.
Let's check out some cowboy hats with Daddy.

You get one too, Daddy, and all three of us can match.

I dont' know... I really like the black hat.

Watch out, ladies!

Decisions, decisions.

I really liked the black one, but since I like to copy my brother and Daddy, I went ahead and got the hat that matched theirs instead.

I think this means we will have to go to the Houston Rodeo this year. I do not think it means I will be wearing cowgirl boots or a hat though - well -
maybe if they were pink...
with rhinestones...

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carrie said...

this is great! My dad got Owen boots over thanksgiving, and he wants to wear them everyday. So welcome to my world. He could care less that they do not make every outfit look great.

kate m. said...

Mark and Cebia got Jackson and Everett boots for Christmas, too! Jackson got a hat, too, but Everett didn't. He just wears Jackson's sometimes. Fun!

A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

Yep, Reed does have the same boots as Grant - although Reed's look like they've been through the ringer at this point. :) Hudson ended up with the ones with the yellow tops - they just look so cute in their boots! We didn't go as far as getting the cowboy hats, but I wish we would've! :)

Andrea said...

I think my dad took my nephew there because he has those same boots with the blue! We're going to have to check that store out some time while we're in Granbury!