Monday, July 13, 2009

No pressure, Aunt Jess, Uncle Josh, Aunt Kelly & Uncle Kory

The only cousins my kids have are third cousins. And we are soooooooooooo thankful they at least have that. The fun part is that the third cousins on both sides of the family are around and about Grant and Rhett's ages, so it's always fun to get the distant cousins together.

We recently met my cousin Boone and his sweet family (Kate, Jackson and Everett) at one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants in the Houston area: Lupe Tortilla. And what is so perfect about Lupe's? Could it be their amazing fajitas? This is possible. Could it be their awesome tortillas? Perhaps. OR - could it be their CHILDREN'S SAND PLAY AREA?? It certainly does sweeten the pot!! What a rare and perfect place for families with young children to eat! Can I get an "Amen" from the Houston crowd? Boone is currently in med school in Galveston, and sadly enough, despite how "close" we live to one another, we hardly ever see each other. Hurricane Ike did not help that problem either. Boone and Kate were FINALLY able to move back into their home four months ago and are very happy to get their lives back. During dinner I asked them if they were nervous that hurricane season was upon us again, and Boone said with a go-get-'em attitude, "I think it's Florida's turn to take one for the team!" CRACK ME UP!!! So anyway, getting to see them often involves meeting half-way due to Kerry's and Boone's busy schedules. This time was extra special because Boone's sister, Sommer, was with them. I always enjoy getting to see my sweet cousin and her sweet face and share in some sweet girly chats. How precious she is!

On to the night's events:

Rhett spent the entire dinner standing next to Everett's high chair whilst he took EVERY. LITTLE. THING. out of his diaper bag and made sure to hold each item up to Everett and annouced in a stern two-year-old voice, "MINE!" I suppose Everett looked shady - I mean, one must be sure to mark his territory when other children are around. As you can see, Everett really cared...

"Do you see this book, Everett? It's MINE!"

"Do you see this airplane, Everett? It's MINE, too!"

"Do you see this marker, Everett? It is also MINE!"

Kerry holding Everett after dinner.
As you can see, Rhett wants to make sure Everett knows that is HIS sand!
I wonder if poor Everett got tired of Rhett that night...

Jackson and Aunt Sommer
One thing I love about Sommer is that she always has room for something sweet after dinner. That's a Martin for ya!

"Do you see my Popsicle, Rhett? I plan to get sand all over it."
"Yes, but do you see my bucket of sand, Jackson? It is MINE!"

Second cousins: Sommer and Grant
Sommer was the recipient of one of Grant's verrrrrrrry long gerbil stories.

I mean, the gerbil story really is L O N G! (right, Uncle Josh?) Bless Sommer's heart. She was such an attentive listener.

First cousins: Me and Sommer

Third cousins: Jackson and Grant decided to make "fireworks" by throwing sand up in the air. And you can bet your bottom dollar they made loud firework noises to go along with the display.

Who else wants to go for a seesaw ride?
Rhett, Jackson and Grant

Sommer is always up for some fun!

But all good things must come to an end; especially when there is church the next morning and Kate and I had the daunting task of cleaning all the dust off of our boys before the morning came. Perhaps better wording would be "cleaning all the dust OUT of our boys". How is it that their little crevices and rolls and nooks and crannies can fill up with enough dirt to cover the entire country of Egypt?
Boone, Kate, Jackson and Everett, we can't wait to see you guys again. Maybe this next time we can meet at your house and play at the beach! We'll bring our dump trucks!

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