Saturday, January 3, 2009

We had a "Holly Jolly Christmas"

It was Granbury's turn to get us for Christmas this year. Before we could head there for Santa, we had Christmas with Gramma and Dude-Dad in Sugar Land first.

Rough-housing with Dude-Dad before opening presents.

Grant and Gramma looking at Grant's new book.

Rhett loves his blocks. Get this: he can stack THIRTEEN at a time. Pretty good for a one-year-old!!! Yep - he's talented AND gifted.

Grandmother with her new monogrammed slippers.
Dude-Dad likes to play "firefighter" too. Sorry, Dude-Dad. That helmet is not the right size for your head.
Rhett enjoyed Grant's gift as well, but the helmet does not fit Rhett's head either.

Grant really enjoys his Smart Cycle. Sorry he's pantless (almost bedtime).
Rhett HAS to do whatever Bubba is doing.
Rhett REALLY likes the Smart Cycle's music... This kind of talent will get him ladies for shizzle. (either that or arrested) ha ha

Our visit to Granbury:

Uncle Garrett and Rhett.

Grant and Aunt Jessica making chocolate fondue to enjoy on Christmas Eve. YUMMMMMMM!

Leaving goodies for Santa before bedtime on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning: Santa drank the milk!!!!!

This is what Santa brought Rhett. As you can see, Grant liked it and was sure Rhett wouldn't mind sharing it.

Aunt Jessica helping Grant with his microscope from Santa. (I can't believe any kid of mine would want a microscope for Christmas!!! I sure never wanted anything like that for Christmas. Well, this is Grant we're talking about - so I guess it figures.)

PS. Grant also got a firehouse from Santa as well. I guess I say this to prove that "Santa" is not completely lame.

Never fear! Rhett is here!

Help me to get these walkie-talkies to work, Datee!

Six days after Christmas: the boys are still opening gifts! Thanks for your help, Aunt Jess! (that fire station you see behind Grant is his other Santa gift)

There was no snow this Christmas. It was so warm, we went out to climb trees.
(I am not going to complain about the warm weather we are having this season. I really don't like the cold, and I can't stand the hot, so to me, this in-between-weather is PERFECT. I do miss being able to turn the fireplace on and snuggle up in our flannel sheets though. Sigh.)
Look who else loves Memaw's fudge??!!!!!! It's my FAVORITE holiday dessert. Rhett and I definantly fought over the pieces she sent.

How many people does it take to hang Mimi's new clock?
Wow, Dad! You're a GREAT help! What wold Pepaw and Uncle James have done without you? :)

Rhett is going through a growl-at-everyone stage which we are REALLY working on right now. However, every day Rhett chooses some lucky person to randomly be happy with (this means that person does NOT get growled at). This day was Uncle Charles' turn. Rhett thought he was really neat. And really, Uncle Charles IS pretty neat!

Wait a minute! What is that I see? Rhett eating ANOTHER peice of MY fudge??!!! Memaw, your fudge is soooooo yummy! Christmas is not the same without it.

Grant and Rhett's new train table. Grant got a wooden train table (with the works) about two Christmases ago. It was truly a hassle because he was always taking it apart and wanting me to fix it. So, I glued the track down. It was a great idea, but it failed. He ripped the tracks up despite my great plan. So, this year the boys got this train table instead. It can not be taken apart, it has FABULOUS tunnels, bridges and canyons, and all of our Thomas trains and Matchbox cars fit it perfectly. The boys LOVE it.

Just a cute video of Rhett dressing himself that I HAD to share with you.

Notice how he very particularly organizes the clothing and shoes. He gets that from his Daddy. You should see the time and careful planning it takes for Kerry to make a fajita! It's almost unbelievable. I mean, really - just slap the meat, cheese and beans on there and it really is FINE!

Happy New Year to you all! 2009 is sure to be SWELL.