Friday, December 11, 2009

Once in a Houstonian's Lifetime...

...It does this...And just when you think you've seen it all, it becomes clear that today is the day pigs must be flying because not only is the snow suddenly falling in a way that would make one believe the heavens truly had opened up, but the snow is actually starting to stick...


And all of this could only mean one thing = SNOWBALL FIGHTS with neighborhood kids!!!!!

BIG snowball fights! Take it from someone who found out first-hand = You don't want to get hit in the face with one of these things! (thanks, Ashlyn) These aren't your every day snowballs! (Yes, G was given a heavy coat and gloves. Yes, he did take them off. Yes, his little hands were FREEZING. No, he did not care.)

It means knocking down the middle school kids' snowman (with permission) down the street... (This pic was taken after school. You can see the snow is beginning to melt, but it still gracefully draped the rooftops.) But the snowman was too cold to touch, so the kids resorted to chopping it up with sticks.

Kevin, a sweet neighbor kid, teaching Grant how to roll balls to make a snowman - a lesson that most Houston kids needed that day...
Another lesson learned was that touching snow without gloves makes your hands go numb. Thus the boys decided that maybe playing inside would be a good idea so their hands could defrost.
It was truly an unexpected, magical day. The reports the night before said we had a 50/50 chance of snow. I was one of the thousands that was sure the snow would hit further north. Thank goodness I was wrong. It was so fun to see the kids enjoying the wonder that snow is. Snow is truly a rare occurrence here, so I wanted to be sure the boys got to see, touch, smell and taste it -who knows if/when it'll happen again.
Thank goodness the boys finally decided to come INSIDE by the fire! It was COLD out there.

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MJP said...

I am really glad that your kids got to enjoy the snow. I am amazed at how much you got.

Andrea said...

I loved that day too! I only wish it could happen again soon. I also wish we would have attempted making giant snowballs too! I think I was afraid to take it off the ground for fear it wouldn't keep sticking! Hope to see guys soon!!!!!