Friday, October 16, 2009

Shopping With a "Keybay"

Rhett is going through the cutest stage right now where he LOVES to wear hats. The police hat seen in the previous post and the "keybay" hat seen below are his favorites. So when he said he wanted to wear the keybay hat to H.E.B. today, at first I dejected the idea. But then I thought about how short this precious, new phase will be (Grant was never into this kind of thing), and what harm would it do for him to wear an oversized keybay hat to the store??? So, we loaded up the car with our diaper bag, wallet and the beloved hat. I think every person we passed in the aisles either said a sweet comment or gave a quiet, delighted giggle at this country sight in the middle of this big 'ole city!

Who knew a trip to H.E.B. would present a perfect fall picture opp?
We were on our way to the car with our groceries in tow when I couldn't help but notice the enormously perfect pile of pumpkins (there's some accidental alliteration for you writers out there to enjoy) we were walking past. I lifted Rhett out of his "race car" grocery basket and plopped him down with the festive gourds- keybay hat and all.
Note to the Martin side of the fam = this is one of Granddad's old hats. Sweet, right? I need to send these pictures to Grandmom... Too bad she doesn't blog.

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Sherry said...

There's no doubt all the grandmothers thought he looked adorable. It would make me smile.

Jess said...

i love that he wants to wear Grandad's hat! what a perfect keybay he is. i miss my monkeys!