Monday, October 26, 2009

First Annual Visit to Dewberry Farm

Dewberry Farm has been on the October Family Calendar of almost everyone we know and then some including "Good Morning America" and "Super Nanny". But the world may now add the Kilgore family to the Dewberry Farm Club. We visited the farm this last Saturday, and yee-haw! It was FUN, y'all!

There was duck racing. Daddy's muscle power was needed...
We pet the baby chicks. (and then washed our hands)
We road the hayride to the pumpkin patch.
We played in the hay.
One of us even ate the hay.
There were sack swings.
And bouncers. (The corn maze is behind Grant.)
There were one-of-a-kind farm rides.
And we mustn't forget the personification of gerbils activity.

There were fun bikes.
And there were forts, lighted professionally carved pumpkin night tours, rope swings, pony rides, gold mining and MUCH more - so much that we spent about 8 hours there! What a perfect fall Saturday!

Of course Grant had to turn some aspect of the day into a learning experience. Again, another example as to why we sometimes wonder if he really is our kid...
Here is a picture of the baby pumpkins he picked from the pumpkin patch. For all you city folk, the little yellow one is what is formed from the flower on the vine and it continues to grow into the bigger green ball, and then finally into a big, orange pumpkin! Grant took the baby gourds to school today to share with his class. I'm sure NO ONE enjoyed it as much as he did!

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Andrea said...

I'm so glad ya'll enjoyed your time there. see what I mean, it is fun for the whole fam!!!!