Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ying and Yang

I'm so proud of Grant. He came home from school today, had a little snack and went straight to doing his homework.

And while he was doing his homework like a sweet angel, someone got caught coloring on the walls with a dry-erase marker. (NOT a good picture of Rhett. Sorry.)

Just another day at the Kilgore house.

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Andrea said...

Homework? I am impressed. Gabby hasn't had one assignment yet! I'm not sure if I want her to, or do I? How do you feel about homework in K? I can't believe little Rhett! I don't think dry erase is easy to get off!

Rachel said...

Joey likes to eat the markers while Conner is working. Not lick them or suck on them -- actually bite of the ends, chew, and swallow. Marker after marker completely ruined, diaper after diaper with strangely colored contents. Honestly, I'm not sure which is worse!

carrie said...

oh my gosh! The wall looks amazing. What a little artist you have there. And I am so not looking forward to the first day of school for Scarlett after reading that. Good for you for keeping it together, I hope I can be that strong when my day comes. It is just so hard to realize that they grow up!

MJP said...

Maybe Rhett gets his talent from his mom. I am pretty sure I remember having to clean walls that we had drawn on. Would you ask jess to add me to her blog list so I can check it out? Hope you are having a good week.