Monday, March 9, 2009

The new floors have arrived!

Do you realize what this means????? It means I can have people over and not be embarrassed by my carpet anymore. This is HUGE!

The floor has already been broken in. It wasn't yet 24 hours old in the Kilgore house when I walked upon this: (YES - I FLIPPED OUT!)

But, the good news is that laminate flooring cleans up easily with a paper towel and water!!!
Thank goodness it does because apparently my boys can't "call it a day" until they've done something to floors!

New floors are fun to clean! I bought some dust mittens, stuck 'em on Grant's feet,
and he was off! Finally, a chore he MAY enjoy! Am I sneaky or what?

Quick view of the living room: (ignore Naked Rhett)

It took the boys a millisecond to realize how much fun they could have playing cars on the hard flooring:

And just for fun: A quick anatomy review with Grant and Rhett.


Rachel said...

Beautiful! And sorry I laughed about the markers... :) Glad it cleaned up easily.

Cars are fun on hard floors, but my boy's favorites are bouncy balls. They were ev-ery-where all the time at our house with the ceramic tile.


Heather said...

Oh. My. Goodness. When I opened your blog to see the awesome new floors, the only thing I saw was Rhett, a marker and some squiggles on a wood floor. Evidently, I sucked in quite a deep breath and made such a noise that Brian said, with his eyes still squarely on the TV, "What? Who's pregnant?" :) I guess my excited and shocked sound completely the same. :)
I'm so glad the mess was easily cleaned up and markers were placed on the highest shelf any of your step stools would reach. Oh, the joy of little boys.
The floors look great!

Sarah said... think that my heart actually stopped for a second when I opened your page. I'm so thankful that they cleaned up so easily. They do look BEAUT-I-FUL sans the drawings.; )

Moma Huff said...

I love the new floors...I've been waiting for this post to see them. Keep enjoying those precious moments with those precious boys...

Whitney said...

I LOVE your blog! You are cracking me up. So glad the marker came off the floor. Way to be sneaky on the new fun chore. :)

Rick J said...

The floors look great... and it seems the boys love them whether they like the look or not!

Andrea said...

Laminate floors and young boys go well together! I am sooo jealous! Your floors look gorgeous! I love the color!