Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Sing-Along With Rhett

A little singing at the dinner table isn't exactly what I would call good manners, but we don't have formal meals around here much since it's Kerry's busy season.

He reminds me a bit of Stevie Wonder in this first video. Do you see it???

(He really can say helicopter. It comes out more like "oppter".)


Jordan said...

I wouldn't expect anything less than your family singing at the table. I'm a little surprised you don't break out in full costume and dance while you clean up the kitchen! :)

Also, I just read your previous post and you are not alone! While I don't know the names or reasons to correct grammer, it bugs me to no end when used incorrectly. I feel for you and soooo appreciate the impromptu grammer lesson.

You're awesome!

Sarah said...

What a precious little boy and such fun that you have it on video!!!

And btw...you crack me up with the English lesson below...I fully admit that I have AWFUL grammer...please feel free to correct my posts at any time...

Andrea said...

How precious! I absolutely love that age. They are so adorable! Good singing voice, btw!