Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike is not taking a hike!

I think we may be really dumb. WHY would you stay anywhere where electricity could go off at any time and toilets not work and water not be available??? I'll tell you why: because you're an idiot. Yip - that means I am one of "those" (an idiot) that is sticking around for Ike. Actually, I think almost everyone I know including friends, neighbors and family are staying put, but I've never been one to follow the crowd. Every inch of my soul says to LEAVE; not because I am afraid of the actual storm, but because I am afraid of losing power and water. (Hello? Have you seen the radar pictures???) Unfortunately, it's not that easy to leave. Wait. I take that back. It is easy if you don't mind sitting in "Rita Traffic" for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours with two young children which would then cause you to go insane, rip all your hair out and bang your head against a wall. Kerry and I swore we would never do the "Rita Traffic" again which is a main reason as to why we are staying here. Have you seen the traffic reports tonight?? Holy moly! NO WAY could you PAY me to get out there in it. As Ike gets closer, however, my insides are shaking a bit as I have never been through a hurricane. I find myself wishing I was Samantha (not "Genie" - thanks, Jess) on "Bewitched" and I could blink my eyes really hard one time, and with a nod of my head (or is it a crinkle of my nose??), we would be in Granbury where I would feel safe. There are long lines at gas stations (there's lots of honking), grocery stores are swamped, traffic is pretty heavy, the news is on 24/7 as opposed to "Grey's Anatomy" and other fun shows, and schools and businesses are closing. As a matter of fact, both Grant's preschool and my school were cancelled for today AND tomorrow. Despite all this mayhem, "natives" to the Houston area are not scared - at all. This would include my husband; hurricanes don't frighten him in the least. As you could imagine, that little difference of opinion between us has caused some "loving" friction in our house today. Kerry thinks it will be no problem at all, and all I can see in my mind's eye are trees flying through our windows due to the predicted 100 mph winds, water lines bursting, electricity being out for days, and being stuck in a house without air conditioning with two small children until the cows come home. I should take comfort in that, as I mentioned, almost everyone is staying here because they think it really won't be that bad. What exactly do they not understand about the statement, "100 mph winds"???? Sounds pretty bad to me...
Anywho, due to my panicked state, I have been getting ready for Ike for 24 hrs now.
So far I have done the following to prepare for Ike: helped a few neighbors carry heavier outdoor items to their garages, purchased lots of diapers, filled my gas tank, done LOADS of laundry, placed everything that lives on the back porch on their sides (iron table, chairs, sandbox), taken the wreath off the door, brought in welcome mats and other outdoor decorations, saved lots of ice, got prescriptions refilled (especially asthma stuff), cleaned the house (dusted, vacuumed, shined, wiped, scraped, fluffed and mopped - my house is sooooooo clean), done three loads of dishes, made several lists of what to do when Ike gets closer (fill bathtubs with water, fill washing machine with water, fill other large containers with water, get candles, flashlights, cash, cell phones charged, plan meals) and packed up the kids and myself -oh, and the dog. That's right: I've been packed and ready to G-O since 11:00 p.m. Wednesday night which was when I learned Ike was turning towards Galveston/Houston. Never thought I would still be here at this point...
So far Kerry has done the following to prepare for Ike: picked up his dry cleaning, taken a nap and made a short trip to the grocery store.

I swear to goodness: if I did all of this work for nothing and Kerry comes out looking like the genius in all of this, I am going to be really...well...ticked. Mark my words though: if Ike ends up being as bad as they are predicting he will be, I told Kerry I get to sing "Told ya so! Told ya so!" for a year. I may even add a little victory dance to the routine.

But seriously, I want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my dear cousins Boone, Kate and Jackson of Galveston. Bless their hearts; especially Kate's. Kate is 39 weeks pregnant with their second boy, Everett, and was scheduled to have a c-section TOMORROW, Friday the 12th. However, since they live in Galveston as Boone is attending med school there, they chose to evacuate to San Antonio last night. I feel so sorry for them. What a bummer! If you've ever been pregnant and near your due date, you can probably feel Kate's pain. Everett, we are excited to meet you, but we ask that you stay put for a few more days. Love you guys!! Hang in there, Kate!
**UPDATE = Everett has arrived! He was born around 11:15 Friday the 12th in San Antonio. I'm thinking his middle name should be "Ike".