Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who else thinks "Karen" is a humorous idea??

It's true: I am one of those rare moms that allows my kids to watch Spongebob. I know many parents find it to be rude, crude and full of sarcasm (and it is), but that higher level of humor is still above Grant's maturity level, so we watch it. I realize the day will soon come when we probably should not anymore, but until then, I'm laughing it up because let's be honest: Spongebob is a breath of fresh air for all of us moms out there whose worlds are filled with dirty diapers, stained laundry and lots of never ending "baby noise stuff". (this would include the annoying shows/videos kids watch over and over again, the annoying noises their toys make, etc)

Anywho, to get to my point that I meant to get to a long time ago: Does anyone else get a kick out of Plankton's wife being a computer whose name is Karen?!!! How funny and random is that!? Those little comments he makes to and about her are soooooooooo funny, such as, "Karen, my computer wife..." and, "I knew I should not have installed that new voice software..." You won't be hearing anything like that on the Backyardigans!


Alyson said...

Hey, our showers are on the 9th and the 30th. You are more than welcome to come! I would love to see you. It's been way too long. I am cracking up about Sponge Bob...you mean you don't let them watch that cartoon you and Ashley used to watch all the time? What was that called? The one where ya'll would always make the voices? You have to know what I'm talking about...I just can't remember what it's called. It will come to me after I sign off. I am sure of it!

SOUTH PARK! That's it! Just kidding, I know you wouldn't let them watch South Park. Sponge Bob is much cleaner. Stephen and I actually saw the movie in the theater...the one with David Hasselhoff. Wow!