Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Grant loves to read!

Grant has always loved books. Perhaps it is because he has never known life without them. Sure, there are certain types he loves: tractor books, science books and human body books (nonfiction), and he also loves fictional stories as every child does. In these two pictures, however, he is "reading" his beloved "Dobdon Books" (Dobson books). Who doesn't enjoy reading on their motorcycle while sitting on the books you plan to read first thing in the morning??? He must have gotten his love of reading from his Daddy's side of the family,
or maybe from my mom/dad. He sure did not get it from me!

This morning he placed himself on the kitchen window seat with a pillow, blanket, puppies, a small fan (not sure why the fan... is it because the blanket he chose is super thick???) and of course, he is again "reading" his "Dobdon Books".
Since he really can't read (don't tell him that though - it would really upset him), he is sure one of the books is about animals, and one of them is about trees, and another is about cars based on a few pictures the books have... I don't have the heart to tell him he is waaaaaaaaaay off.